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Parties, Groups and Events

It can be pretty tough to manage large groups and parties. Making sure that everyone has signed a waiver is even tougher.

How can you make sure that all waivers are signed? 

WaiverFile makes it easy to manage your attendees and keep track of waiver signings at the same time. 


Built for Parties

When we first began creating WaiverFile, we saw that there was a need for a better way to handle paper waivers. In particular, however, were businesses that run birthday parties. Our earliest customers ran (and still run!) kids birthday parties and corporate group events, with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of participants. 

Organizing everyone as they arrived was a nightmare. 

So we set to work, designing something that would ease this flow. 

It wasn't easy. 

We had to think a lot about how to make the system work as easily as possible, but more importantly, we had to test with real customers and collect feedback. 

After many rounds of changes, we've become extremely happy with how WaiverFile's workflow has become. 

Customers complete their form quickly and easily. 

It doesn't take them long to complete, and their check-in time is faster because of it. 

Meanwhile, the staff members of our clients have a powerful tool in the dashboard. They can easily view a list of names of everyone who has signed their form for an event, along with a count of how many they have, making it easy to see if they're missing any. 


Party/Event Management Features

There are a variety of features to help manage events, parties and groups. Let's go through a few of them. 

Easy event creation

Creating new events is easy. Just complete the form and click Save. You can choose the start and end date (the end date is optional). If you have multiple waiver forms, you can choose which forms apply for this particular event. 

Invite a manager

You can add the email address of a party manager or group organizer when creating the event. This will send an email to this person inviting them to manage the event. They'll be able to log in and see a list of everyone who has signed their waiver. They don't receive administrative access, just view-only access to the waivers for the event you specify. This is quite useful when you want to delegate the job of ensuring that all participants have their waivers complete to someone else. 

Create a Waiver Event

Select upcoming events

When customers view your WaiverFile site on either a tablet kiosk, computer, or their smartphone, they will be able to select either general admission, or choose an event. The list of upcoming events will be displayed and they can choose which event they are attending. The number of events that are shown on this screen is configurable, as is the number of days ahead that they will appear. This makes it work well whether you host occasional events, or many each day. 

Waiver Event Selection Screen

Direct link to waiver for event

In additional to selecting the event from the main screen, you can use the direct link to that event's signing screen to send customers directly to the place they need to be. After creating the event, right click on the 'Event Link' button, and click on Copy Link. This will give you the address just to that event. Include this link in emails that are sent to attendees, or share any other way you might share a web URL.