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Custom Waiver Form Fields

WaiverFile's waivers can include a standard list of questions, including: name, address, phone, email address and date of birth. 

But how can I add my own custom questions?

Adding your own questions is easy. Within the Waiver Form editor, you can add as many custom questions as you wish. Each question can use one of a series of different form field types: 

  • Text box, for fill-in questions
  • Paragraph, the same except for longer answers where multiple lines are needed
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple choice (radio buttons, where only one answer is to be selected)
  • Dropdown list (also where just one answer is to be selected)
  • Number, a text box that only accepts numbers and can have additional criteria, such as maximum or minimum values. 

To build your form, just click on each button to add a new field and it will appear on the right. You can customize the name of the field as well as the choices and if it is required or not. 

What if I want to reorder my questions? 

Easy! Just drag and drop to sort your questions into any order you choose. 

Custom Questions on Waiver Form